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Beautiful Window Enterprise Co.,LtdExpo Build China 2013


Major news, Lai Fang Group will debut Expo Build China 2013

Li Fang Enterprise (Beautiful Window Enterprise Co., Ltd) is a multinational company, in 1969 in Changhua, Taiwan, having been established nearly four decades of history. Is a world-renowned manufacturer of window coverings, our quality policy of "expertise" and "integrity quality" Win the industry highly praised.

Li Fang enterprises not only in the United States, China, with branch offices and production units, but also attach importance to the development of the Asian region in view of .1993 Corporation Asia, rising living standards and economic activities to flourish, in order to grasp the opportunities So formally established in Shanghai, China's first production plant, products are exported directly to the United States mainland. After more than ten years of efforts, in 2002 they were founded in Taicang second production plant. In addition to a full range of supply market demand, but also to establish a high-quality, high-tech professional OEM image. 2002 in Shanghai has set up a production plant, Shanghai Xu Chen Furnishings Co., Ltd.. 2011 in order to expand the area of ​​professional services more step to build pathways brand leadership, and customer needs to develop the Asian region, the establishment of Shanghai Jinghua Door Technology Co., hoping to establish a sound service network. In China, Korea Party Group for its superior quality and perfect service network by distributors and consumers agree, window products are widely used in various high-grade office buildings, commercial buildings, government agencies and homes and other industries.
2007 types of products to meet the market changes and a lot of the Chinese market demand, the introduction of the same quality as European and American markets and green wood composite horizontal blinds products, vertical blinds products, arch transom products, etc., not only can provide a wider range of products to meet customer product preferences and usage, more enhanced service quality and competitiveness in the market. We are also actively evaluating other Asian region have potential for development, will be an appropriate time to set up marketing stronghold to strengthen Korea square overall career development.

Over the years, Li Fang companies with superior product quality and perfect sales service by distributors and consumers agree that, in order to allow Chinese consumers can enjoy synchronized with the advanced markets tracery products launched simultaneously with the same quality and European markets quality products and a full range of products through the U.S. professional testing agencies MTL, CTL and Springborn companies such as weather vanes heat testing, product functional testing, product testing lead content, leaf shading and opacity testing and so on. And in order to reflect the commitment to cultivating the Chinese consumer market, Li Fang proposed a "product quality, R & D technology and service three Guarantee", that offers consumers a more complete service.
The company's core values ​​reflect the overall corporate culture and business philosophy. Li Fang company's core philosophy is to maximize the value, the team run by efficient management culture of honesty and trust, passion and responsible attitude, aggressive behavior achievements for customers, employees, shareholders and create maximum value, reflecting Korea Party Business Continuity concept of operations.

For more information, visit the official website Lai Fang Group www.khbbg.com, please visit the Expo Build China 2013's W4H11 booth!