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En Mei Fu Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will debut Expo Build China 2013

Major news, uh Mei Fu Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will debut Expo Build China 2013.

En Mei Fu Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. MF funded by foreign owned company in Shanghai, China in April this year, up and running. MF Corporation since its inception in 1979, to packaging materials, protective materials, building materials (steel, cement, except) the manufacture, sales, has now developed into a group company with annual sales of 200,000 million yen.

As people have higher requirements of home improvements, in the decoration of the construction site protection awareness is also rising. For example: when luxury villa or condo renovation or reconstruction, on the marble floor and wall planks advanced, angle, stairs, window frames and other damage caused by improper protection of the impact of aesthetics, materials replacement, and even extend the construction period, etc. problem.

Our company mainly provide customers housing renovation process protection programs for a variety of materials, as well as to provide customers with a variety of high-value materials maintenance program.