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Shanghai Jucai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will be held on the 2013 exhibition brilliant debut



Major news,Shanghai Poly Color Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will be held on April 1 at the Expo Build China 2013 exhibition brilliant debut

 Poly-color electronic digital industry in China's core - Shanghai, specializing in waterproof TV R & D, production, sales, in 2006, poly-color electronic accordance with market demand, combined with a variety of different user characteristics, own research and development of a series of multi-purpose LCD display device, comprising: a mirror TV, waterproof LCD TV, LCD advertising player, LED modules, LED dot matrix modules, LED dot matrix unit board, LED display, multimedia information distribution system, advertising decoder board, etc., applicable in different places to provide customers with increasingly perfect products.

Poly-color electronic vibrant, strong technology, rapid development, has a high-tech, with a team of highly qualified younger. With the introduction of various types of senior personnel for the further development of expanded poly color new ideas, cultivate new economic growth point, Poly Color Technology adhere to the "quality win rookie to win the customer service," the purpose and proposed "product disposable inspection pass rate of over 98% "commitment, the customer is responsible for the sake of consumers.

Poly-color electronic Technically, the design provides a standard for product quality, strict requirements on the purchase of raw materials, substandard materials, original and resolutely non-adoption. By poly color electronic unremitting efforts of all staff, "Poly Color Service" Increasingly well known, to win customer trust and customer satisfaction has laid a solid foundation.

Poly Color Electronic willing to all partners a better tomorrow!

For more information, visit Poly Color Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai official website www.jucai999.com, please visit the Expo Build China 2013's W3N40 booth!